The Leaders World Compensation consists of 4 powerful and well-thought out packs, namely: bronze, silver, gold and finally diamond packs.

Your payment of N2000 and subsequent registration automatically puts you on the bronze pack.



 You are expected to register 4persons to join your team as well as the training classes. These four persons become your 1st generation set of downlines/mentees.

The BONUS for completing Bronze Level is N3,000 ONLY. On completion of this stage, you are automatically upgraded to the Silver Pack (Stage Two).



 When your 1st generation of 4 direct referrals sign up four persons each under them totaling 16 persons, you receive the sum of Ten thousand naira only (N10,000).

Secondly, you receive a bonus of Twenty thousand naira (N20,000) when each of the 16persons step into level 2.

The total cash award for the silver pack is thirty thousand naira only (N30,000). You then progress to the Gold Pack which is the penultimate level of this platform.




 Here, your 2nd generation of 16 persons have signed up four persons each under them totaling 64 persons. These 64persons make your 3rd generation set of downlines. 

The BONUS for this stage consists of Two Award Systems. (Cash and Incentives)

Please note carefully that there are TWO categories on this level.


1st Category: AWARDS

Any 7members out of the 3rd generation of 64persons stepping into level3 qualifies you for the Awards.

Incentive: You will choose only one of the following business items:

All brand new!

Plasma Tv, Tablet Pc, Laptop,  Home Theatre, Exotic Tv Stand, Gas Cooker, Freezer, Generator, Smart Inverter Microwave, Water Dispenser & Water Purifier and Washing Machine or a cash of N70,000.

2nd Category: CASH BONUS

This means that the 15th person up to the 64th person of your 3rd generation who step into level3 INSTANTLY gives you the sum of N30,000 PER PERSON as each steps in. When all 64 step into level3, you must have received for yourself A whooping sum of N1.5M.

At this juncture, you progress to the Diamond Level (Stage Four) which is the final level of this platform. You also become an ambassador of Leaders World.




 Here, your 3rd generation of 64 persons will sign up four persons each under them totaling 256 persons. These 256 persons make your 4th generation set of downlines.

The bonuses for this stage consists of Cash and Incentives.

There are 4 Categories of benefits on this stage...



You receive AN ALL EXPENSE PAID BUSINESS TRIP OR N500,000 when the first 10 persons out of the 256members of the 4th generation step into level4.


2nd Category: CASH BONUS

You receive a CASH BONUS OF ONE MILLION NAIRA ONLY (N1,000,000) WHEN ANOTHER 15persons from the 4th generation step into level4. (A TOTAL OF 25 PERSONS AT THIS POINT)


3rd Category: CAR AWARD

You receive a luxurious CAR AWARD or  FOUR MILLION NAIRA ONLY (N4,000,000) when A TOTAL OF 50 persons FROM THE 4th GENERATION have stepped into level4.


4th Category: MEGA CASH AWARD

After the Car Award, you begin to cash out THE SUM OF TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND NAIRA PER PERSON (N200,000 only) on all WHO STEP INTO LEVEL4. This means whenever any member (FROM 56th person - 256th person) of your 4th generation step into level4, you will receive N200,000 per person.

When all of your 4th generation have stepped in, you must have received A MEGA CASH OUT OF FORTY MILLION NAIRA ONLY (N40,000,000) for your business empire.


The business skills acquisition, trainings, business opportunities and exposure you have had with us plus the Rewards of the stages can get the business of your dreams lawfully registered, well-started and funded. Our Mega Concept definitely ensures your business progress and you once again smile at the assurance of a Lifetime of Unending Financial Freedom.



Leaders World…………Grooming Champions!!!

Leaders World…………Creating Wealth!!!

Leaders World…………Empowering Entrepreneurs!!!